We’re proud that all of our products are handmade.  Most of our products are also made to order, and our personalised products are obviously tailored to your exact needs.

This means that Skelter can offer a truly unique range of products which we hope will brighten up your life, your home or make a unique gift for a friend or loved one.

However, because everything is handmade, we’re not able to offer a ‘Next Day’ or ‘Express’ service.  If the items you order are in stock already, then we’ll dispatch them within a few days, however, if you order an item which we need to make or which needs personalisation, then please allow 14 – 21 days for delivery.

With this in mind, if you need an item by a particular date (say, a birthday or a wedding), please indicate this in the notes on your order – you can add these during checkout.  We’ll always do our best to speed things up, if we can.